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mCMS Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) allows for easy creation and subsequent updating and expansion of Websites by the editorial staff. Shaping the content and its presentation is via a simple-to-use user interface, usually in the form of Web pages containing complex forms and modules.



eCreo CMS is based on, tested and developed over two years, software for unification of managing a large number of websites.It allows for total control of the particular sphere of services thereby reducing the time of response.



The system is equipped with an enhanced text editor which is similar to MS Word.     



The modular system

The system is based on the modular structure. It has great opportunities for development. Such an organization allows for subsequent expansion of the system for additional functionality.  For the moment, the basic structure of the site consists of modules:

  • The Management module connected with structure and content of Websites
  • The Gallery module
  • The Banner Advertising – enables an advertisement to appear across the top of a page on the Internet
  • The Survey module- without limit of answers
  • The Newsletter module – enables import of the customers’ data from the address book MS Outlook
  • The RSS/Atom module- information publication on other Websites, information channel for customers
  • The Search Engine module
  • The Automatic generation module of the site structure
  • The Contact Form module
  • The "Tell a friend about site” module
  • The “Prepare a special version for printing” module
  • The Administration and access control module
  • The Register module
  • The Online Shop module

In the future, the system can be further developed to allow more modules to extend the offer.  It can be done by online selling newspapers, integration systems and partnership with other Websites and information portals.


Advantages of the system:

  • Adding, deleting and total text editing
  • Adding, deleting graphics and Flash animations
  • Creating tables and frames, etc.
  • Adding links both to sub-pages of your Website and external Websites
  • Inserting files to download
  • Implementing of texts in different languages (for multilingual site).
  • Adding new pages to the Website