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How to create Web Services

The main feature of the Website ought to be lucidity and currency of information. To take full advantage of the contemporary Internet the services are relied on Content Management System (CMS). It is used by both Polish clients and foreigners.

CMS System

CMS System enables its users to have complete control over the particular flow of information.

CMS includes advanced word editor which is similar to MS Word. It allows quick transfer from the text editor to the Website.


What is also included in CMS is an online library which can store photos, video films, sounds and Flash animations. All this make our Website more pleasant for clients.

Visualization of the service

Each Website has its own image. We try to focus on lucidity, but also on making the access to information as fast as possible.


It is a good idea to add a Flash animation in a headline which makes our Website look more attractive.


In the process of creating Websites we use the template system which gives us huge flexibility in designing the layout of Websites. The advantage of this system is an individual approach to the graphics of all services connected with colors. This system allows separating the logic of the website and its informational content from the visual sphere of Website. This provides flexibility in creating the various sub-pages as well as forward-looking change. It also can refresh the page layout for a long time after using.

This solution allows reducing the cost in the future and accelerating the changes connected with changing the layout of services.

Adapting the system for search engines

The system has integrated addresses translation module to a form understandable by humans, and therefore a greater importance to search engines. For instance:


Construction of the site is based on the current standards of XHTML + CSS, taking into account the essential features that have big importance for search engines.


Each Website has the opportunity to assign the relevant keywords and the description. According to it the search engines index the content.

Visits’ statistics
 For each implementation we introduce mechanisms which allow computation of number of people who visit the Website. It provides information about:

·         The most commonly searched phrases and search engines which had led clients to our Websites.

·         The number and frequency of visits divided into days, weeks, months and years.

·         The customers’ origin and Internet providers.