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What is Web positioning?

Web positioning is designed to promote the Website for the top position in search engines such as,,, etc.

Web positioning is undeniably significant:


  • Search engines are the basic source of knowledge about Web addresses for more than 85% of Internet users

  • More than half of online transactions begin with a password for entering the appropriate search engine 
  • It is assumed that 100% of Internet users go through the first page of results, 20% go through the second. The third reaches only 10% customers, the fourth (or more) only a fraction of Internet users

Web positioning is influenced by many factors such as:


  • Optimization of HTML code
  • SEO-copywriting, search engine optimization into the text
  • Placing the Website address in the search engines
  • appropriate selection of keywords and phrases
Rozwiązania e-commerce wspomagają i usprawniają prowadzenie biznesu i sprzedaży produktów i usług przez internet.