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Lista wdrożeń systemu mSHOP



Sample application – InteliSHOP

Introduction to InteliSHOP project

Elements have been arranged in simplified way so that the person using the system at any time had access needed information. Graphics is prepared according to the predetermined contrast, making the font, elements of the application, such as buttons and components, well distinctive.
The customer should not have doubts that a component fulfills the role as it extends the term of his reaction. It contributes directly to the reception site as a basic human desire is the freedom of action in the most natural environment for him.
Therefore, the system introduces a number of options that are rarely used in web applications; however, they are very popular and commonly used in desktop environments.
Such direct changing of systems from home to Internet applications do not contribute to the feeling of limitation of interference in the system. Drag & drop and animations make virtual world get closer to reality, and thus change the need into pleasure.
The first impression that customer has while entering the site is crucial. It often significantly affects their willingness to continue to move through the system. The implementing of unconventional elements purchase results in greater customer satisfaction, and hence its return late

Navigation System

InteliSHOP System has been designed to make access to information as soon as possible. All views have been prepared so that when the maximum content allowed for the proper movement between them and shared the information they were currently necessary.



The application has been equipped with visualization resembles at first glance; InteliSHOP Project maintains its clarity and color. Such elements are clearly visible:
  1. Main menu - allows movement between the main application views.
  2. Side panel - was placed next to the main window and contains the necessary functions.
  3. Information window - used to display the contents of the current Website. In the case of the greeting is a short introductory text; in the case of products is the complete list.



Bookmarks – ‘Products’

Products’ bookmarks have been arranged in a similar way as the welcome page but with this difference that depending on the current state of the application, it changes its configuration. Side panel is moveable, and relies on its functionality. It appears to the left of the panel as a search engine or the right as the basket panel.



Products’ view consists of 4 main parts that are visible on the computer screen in different configurations. The first element is symbolizing bookmarks, and allows for switching between panels. Side panel is extending the functionality of the main window of the shopping cart or search engine. Information window consists of list of products.


Products search engine

Products' search engine allows you to speed up the purchasing process by filtering the contents of the catalog of products to meet the needs and limitations of users. It was divided into four basic parts to keep it lucid:
  • The window displays the number of products that match the given parameters
  • Horizontal slider allows manipulating the price. Products included in the list must be in between the highest and the lowest prices.
  • Dynamically generated list of shop categories. Selecting one of the elements to display categories in the main window products.
  • Promotion window allows you to display only those items that are currently in the promotion.
In the case of manipulation of the price, the number of products changes as well.This allowsobtaining information which will be the end result of our actions.
Items included on the list of categories are downloaded using HTTP Service from database applications based on CMS. This causes that any change made by management application will also be reflected in the application InteliSHOP. Items of the lower levels are determined by the indentation which shows the hierarchy occurring.

Wyszukiwarka produktów pozwala na przyspieszenie procesu zakupu poprzez filtrowanie zawartości katalogu produktów aby spełniały potrzeby i ograniczenia użytkownika.

Został on podzielony na cztery podstawowe pozwalające na zachowanie jego całkowitej przejrzystości:

  • Okno wyświetlające liczbę produktów pasujących do zadanych parametrów wyszukiwania.
  • Poziomy suwak pozwalający na manipulowanie parametrem ceny. Produkty znajdujące się na liście muszą zawierać się cenowo pomiędzy ustalonym przez ten komponent zakresem.
  • Dynamicznie generowana lista kategorii sklepowych. Zaznaczenie jednego z elementów powoduje wyświetlenie tylko tej kategorii w głównym oknie produktów.
  • Okno promocje pozwalający na wyświetlenie tylko tych elementów które występują aktualnie w promocji.


List of products and products

Depending on the number of products displayed in the main window different system of components is used. If the number of products exceeds 9 then they are displayed in 3 columns, but if it is below 9 products are arranged in 2 columns.
By clicking on a given product the system leads us to the details. All the products are automatically placed in one column on the right side of a website. It gives us a possibility to move quickly between products from a selected range.


A shopping cart

During the whole process of purchasing the client is informed about number of elements that are currently in his/ her shopping cart. This information is closely linked with the panel of products and it is visible all the time.
InteliSHOP system allows you to add new items to the shopping cart by using the “drag & drop”.
If you want to buy a product, you ought to put it into your shopping cart. Products can also be added to the shopping cart using the “buy now” button.
Ordering more and more products results in the quantity of items but also in price computation.The fact that customers have an opportunity to preview price calculations, they do not exceed their budget.
The system does not exchange information between the client application and server, so the answer is immediate.

Podczas całego procesu dokonywania zakupu klient informowany jest o ilości elementów będących w danej chwili w jego koszyku. Informacja ta jest ściśle


Completion of your order

By accepting the contents of shopping cart the customer goes to the completion of an order.
A list of products disappears from the screen panel and in its place there is a order panel. You can still see the shopping cart and the total price of ordered products.
The delivery panel is connected with Accordion.  It allows you to define a series of bookmarks, each of which is treated as a separate view. The first bookmark is a place for filling in your personal data. Contact details and delivery address is a complete source of information about the customer. Once complete all the fields from the current bookmark a customer can go to the next step using the ‘Accept’ button- it results in saving all details of the transaction. If you want to return to the previous page, you should press ‘Back’(5) button. By pressing the ‘keep on buying’ button the customer has a chance to order something more. And again you can see the Product panel. In the case of re-return to the view of the order, all previously entered information remains unchanged.


Wybierając opcję kupuj dalej klient ma możliwość zawieszenia procesu realizacji zamówienia i powrotu do widoku produktów. Panel stopniowo zanika, a na jego miejsce pojawia się panel z widokiem produktów. W przypadku ponownego powrotu do widoku realizacji zamówienia, wszystkie dotychczas wprowadzone informacje pozostają w niezmienionym stanie.