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Macromedia Flex


Macromedia Flex is a part of the Macromedia Flash based Flash platform and combined into a single programming environment. It is designed to support the creation, development and implementation of RIA Applications. It provides a unified programming platform based on the well-known programming models.
Flex was originally designed as an internal library for J2EE. This version of Flex was used to generate Flash applications by combining previously constructed of the scripts, ActionScript MXML by the programmers. Subsequent versions of the software gave the programmers the ability to create the entire application during the development phase without having a license for specialized server software.
The overriding aim of creation the Flex technology is to make the process of formation of RIAs easier. It allows you to create rich user interfaces using a specially crafted for the needs of MXML language, based on its structure with well-known and widely used XML. Thus corresponds to the presentation of applications in the technology client-server. Macromedia provides its customers a wide range of components which allow the use of Web Services and Remote Objects. Flex allows the client application to communicate with systems based on technologies such as ColdFusion, Java, and related to them.
Flex allows the use of solutions previously available only in the office applications. Useful functions such as drag and drop, dynamic column sorting, generating graphs or animations with Flex come to light (become known). Because of the fact that the client application is downloaded only once during the entire period of the application usage, project-based system for Macromedia reduce waiting time data and make the system more work-friendly. The network load is also reduced and it is important while the rapid growth of the number of people using applications.
With the second edition of Flex the producer has made rich programming environment called Flex Builder available to programmers.
This is a program which is based on the platform called Eclipse which is very popular among Java developers. Thanks to Eclipse, all the applications based on Flex make an extremely professional impression of a wide range of available components, which shortens the time of preparation of new versions of software. As a result, it becomes the ideal tool for developing applications designed for the professional market. Although the popularity of 9th version of the latest Flash is still limited, it has a chance to become a leader in the market. Popularity of RIA applications is constantly growing and the Flex platform is the most suitable for creating such applications.
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