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Introduction to the RIA

The term Rich Internet Application (RIA) is not strictly technological, but only a term that describes a new approach to Internet application development.

RIA Applications are Web applications and which are having all the advantages of a traditional office software.
Most of the operations are transferred to the client device, using its resources and computing power which entails a more efficient use of the Internet connection and reduce the burden on the servers.
RIA Applications may be described as a kind of connection between desktop software and applications based on Internet technologies.
RIA Application combines all the functional advantages of desktop applications with a wide range and accessibility of the Internet.
Moreover, it seeks to exclude all those inconveniences which have interrupted in the development of Internet applications such as refresh the whole browser screen, or the limited user interface.
Rozwiązania e-commerce wspomagają i usprawniają prowadzenie biznesu i sprzedaży produktów i usług przez internet.