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The Online shop mSHOP

E-commerce supports and facilitates the conduct of business, sell products and services via the Internet. E-commerce specializes in creating online shops – Websites with offers, electronic transmission of orders and confirmations, and cashless payment service. Rising the e-commerce has opened unprecedented opportunities to respond to customers’ needs and maintaining contact with them through e-business solutions. Low cost, flexibility and the growing popularity of electronic communication, make it an excellent opportunity to expand business for each company.


Advantages of e-commerce:
  • Presentation of current offer, supported by photographs or multimedia presentations of products, rich assortment
  • Availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year)
  • Lack of limitations due to time zones and geographical location
  • Improvement of communication and making distribution faster which contributes to reduction of time, cost and delivery
  • Customer order history
  • Customer Authentication and Internet Security
  • Gives the information about the time of delivery
  • Promotional campaigns and new product announcements
  • The possibility of choosing the most convenient for the customer way of payment
  • By using statistics, the company has the opportunity to learn about customer preferences, and quickly react to market needs and adapt the offer to the expectations of potential customers
  • Allows to communicate, sell and make business with unlimited number of clients
  • It is relatively easy form to increase corporate profits