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The team supported by eCreo after the Swidnica Rally

The team has reported:
It was our first rally during which the weather was rainy. The aura was not without consequences- unfortunately we ended up at the distant position. Even before the competition there were problems with the tires. We frantically sought an alternative which in the end cost us much more money than we expected. We had to repair the suspension, but finally we set out with the proper equipment.
The first loop was not very successful. We had some difficulties with tires but finally we changed tires and the ride was much safer. Rościszów- Walin was the worse for our team and we have lost some determination. Wheels were screwed too tightly and broken key caused that we missed penalty PKC and 20s. In the rush we forget to close the rear hatch. On the last loop trail was terribly dirty, but dry in many places. At the last Walim we drove too cautiously. We had planned to test the suspension but variable conditions had changed our plans. Our final result was not so bad but we hope for better future. It was nice to see friends and other spectators along the route - it helps!
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