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SUPEROES – Poznan track


December 6, 2008 IV SUPEROES took place, and it was the last annual rally organized by the Wielkopolska Automobil Club.
It was Saturday morning and there were many contestants willing to participate in the rally. There were also people who represented the RR Team. Configuration of tests during the event was absolutely fascinating and the weather was quite inadequate. We took a risk – we had chosen the ‘slick’ tires to fight the rivals.
The track during the first part of the race was quite wet and because of the using of slick tires we had to drive carefully and that resulted in quite good scores. 
We decided not to change the tires hoping the weather would improve. It was a good decision – we were more and more successful.
Organizers computed the scores and we were the leading team. Good speed and lack of technical mistakes helped us to achieve impressive scores in the last part of SUPEROES.
The RR Team was on the 9th place in the general classification in the IV edition of SUPEROES.
In spite of taking part in two editions only of SUPEROES we were on the 3rd position in the general classification. We are extremely satisfied with our results.
We believe in us and we hope to succeed in the next season. 
We invite you to watch photos.