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Rajd Wyzwolenia Poznania

March 7,  2009 Rajd Wyzwolenia Poznania took place which was organized by the Wielkopolska Automobile Club.

There were 12 skill tests; half of them were located beyond the Poznan track- in Skórzew, Mosina, Rogalinek and Poznan. Organizers prepared many interesting and challenging tasks.
Unfortunately, the beginning of the rally was not as successful as we had expected. The engine seemed to be broken and without assistance of our colleagues we could not go any further. During the rally we realized that our tires were not suitable for weather conditions. All those factors induced technical mistakes. Nevertheless, we were lucky enough to finish the race with quite good results.
This score made us feel more conscious and confident of our abilities and we managed to won the final race. We ended up on the first place. Against all odds we feel extremely satisfied.
We invite you to watch some photos from the rally and keep your fingers crossed for our next performances.