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Karkonosze Rally - Dywan Really Team is finally respected





At the beginning everything seemed that it would be hard work for everyone. The worst dream came true. During the test drive, we knew that technique and good teamwork will be very important during the final ride. Almost entire route consisted of the bands and we loved it!
We started the Rally on the 2nd place in the best class- A/Astra.   We had brand new brakes which we had decided to fully explore. It resulted in a boil brake fluid, so we couldn’t have use the brake so often.   We kept on riding but our tempo was smaller and smaller. All of the sudden, an electric pole appeared on our way. Fortunately, we rode next to this unexpected trap. However, our rivals were not as successfully as our team- they hit the electric pole. Then, we got lost and as a result we lost couple of seconds. After the first part of the race our brake fluid was exchanged and the second part was more successful. 
In the final part of the rally we noticed that our rival Filip Styła had some problems with his car. It was a chance for us to get the place on the podium. We ended up on the second place in our class.