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eCreo after hours


    We took part in the Rzeszow Rally. Unfortunately, this competition was not successful for our team because we hit the footbridge made of stone…

    At the beginning everything seemed that it would be hard work for everyone. The worst dream came true. During the test drive, we knew that technique and good teamwork will be very important during the final ride. Almost entire route consisted of the bands and we loved it!

    The team has reported:
    It was our first rally during which the weather was rainy. The aura was not without consequences- unfortunately we ended up at the distant position. Even before the competition there were problems with the tires. We frantically sought an alternative which in the end cost us much more money than we expected. We had to repair the suspension, but finally we set out with the proper equipment.

     March 7, 2009 Rajd Wyzwolenia Poznania took place which was organized by the Wielkopolska Automobile Club.
    There were 12 skill tests, half of them were located beyond the Poznan track- in Skórzew, Mosina, Rogalinek and Poznan. Organizers prepared many interesting and challenging tasks.
  • December 6, 2008 IV SUPEROES took place, and it was the last annual rally organized by the Wielkopolska Automobil Club.

    It was Saturday morning and there were many contestants willing to participate in the rally. There were also people who represented the RR Team. Configuration of tests during the event was…