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The Internet


We live in a world ruled by commerce. The stronger company with well recognizable brand name becomes a leader. Some time ago only the most powerful companies could afford online campaigns. Now the online advertising is the additional way of promotion. Average Polish companies can only dream about such effective and recognizable campaigns. By relatively low cost we want to meet our customers’ expectations who hope to gain new clients.
Polish Internet market currently accounts for more than 11 million users so we assess that thanks to our advertising your company may reach even 0.001% of them, it will give us more than 1,000 new customers. We estimate that at current advertisement rates, almost every Polish company can afford conducting the annual campaign on the Internet.
Depending on the form of the company's presence on the web, online advertising may consist of the following items:
1. Website 
  • Why it s worth to invest in professional internet?
    Internet service is the most important way of promotion-when Internet is commonly used.
  • How to create Web services
    The main feature of the Website ought to be lucidity and currency of information. According to Content Management System (CMS)…
  • Content Management System mCMS 
    Content Management System (CMS) allows for easy creation and subsequent updating and expansion of Websitesby the editorial staff…


  • Our projects
    Our projects are the evidence for the high level of services we provide. We invite you to get to know with our proposals.





2. Web positioning


  • Web positioning
    Everything we should know about Web positioning.


  • What is Web positioning?
    Website promotion to the top places in the most popular search engines such as,,, etc.


  • How do search engines work?
    While searching the Internet for needed information customers use search engines, in the case of Poland, the most commonly used is the Google search engine.


  • What are the advantages of being on the top position in search engines?
    The Internet is the most widely used means of communication, more and more people are using its capabilities in search of a variety of offers. Top position in search results guarantees that more customers will go through our site. The statistics show that…


  • Web positioning in a few words
    Direct advantages which flow from the positioning of your Website in the Internet




3. Internet advertising – basic forms
  • Banner advertising
  • Billboard
  • Skyscraper
  • pop-up and pop-under
  • brand mark
  • watermark
  • Scroll advertising
  • Scroll
  • sponsored links
  • advertorian
  • chat sponsored
  • sponsorship of the whole site
  • e-mailing
  • And many others.
Advantages of Internet advertising:profiling of customers.


  • Global range (lack of geographical and time barriers)


  • Interactivity


  • low cost of reaching to a single recipient


  • flexibility