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Radio advertisement

Radio provides ample opportunities for advertisers - is the most personal medium, accompanying many of the audience almost throughout the day.

It provides information and entertainment, and even the company without interfering.
One of the most important advantages of radio advertising is that it reaches people in their workplace - such a possibility does not allow television advertising and press advertising.
Radio is connected with words and sound, but to some extent it can also catch listeners’ imagination. The appropriate use of sound effects, voices, music, may make the flow of information more lucid.
Advantages of radio advertising:
  • Wide range of listeners
  • Affects people emotions,
  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • high degree of acceptance by the listeners of radio advertising,
  • Selective in reaching to listeners
  • Inevitability - radio accompanies us in many different situations of our lives –during cleaning, driving a car, etc.
  • Establish contact with the listener. Gives the impression that the radio presenter is “speaking” directly to a single listener.
  • Credibility, the radio reported on many live events. The radio presenter tries to create the impression that he/she is "here and now."