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Above The Line (ATL) - operations and marketing strategies carried out in the traditional mass media. The main sources of ATL advertising are: TV, radio, press, poster, outdoor (outdoor advertisement), indoor (internal advertising), the Internet, etc..
The main sources of ATL advertising:
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Press
  • Outdoor (outdoor advertisement)
  • Indoor (internal advertisement)
  • The Internet




  • Television advertising is considered the most effective form of reaching a mass audience. It is estimated that advertising on television is known by 98% of people in Poland.

  • Print media are not ephemeral, and you can get to the reader several times. Newspapers build relationships, engage, build credibility, and increases communication….

  • Radio provides ample opportunities for advertisers - is the most personal medium, accompanying many of the audience almost throughout the day.

  • An unquestionable advantage of the Outdoor advertising is its wide range. It has the possibility of targeting advertising message.

  • In recent years, advertising on the Internet has gained new customers as the number of potential recipients is unlimited.

  • We invite you to watch the mock-up newspaper in the form of a flash presentation.
    (Moving between the pages is done by throwing the cards.)